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Study Points for PADI Open Water Final

What is the relationship between buoyancy of an item in salt and fresh water?

What is the relationship between Pressure and Depth?

Depth and Volume?

Depth and Density?

Draw the Chart! Understand the relationships. Things like:
What happens to the air in an inverted jar as you descend?

What happens to it as you ascend?

How is a divers air consumption effected by depth?

What happens to a balloon if you fill it with air at depth and ascend?

How does water affect your vision?

How is sound affected underwater?

What's the most important rule in Scuba and why?

What is a "Squeeze" ? What is "Equalization?".

How often does a scuba tank need a "Visual Inspection" (VIP)?

How often does a scuba tank need a Hydrostatic test?

What is the difference between a yoke and DIN valve?

Know the Hand signals!

What is the procedure if you and your buddy accidentally separate underwater?

What causes disorientation? What should you do if you become disoriented?

How do currents effect your dive plan?

Prioritize your ascent options.
Know your 5 options to ascend and be able to compare each.

What factors increase your risk for Decompression sickness?

What is Nitrogen Narcosis?

How do you avoid problems with contaminated air?

What are the flying after diving rules?

What do you need to know about altitude diving?

What are the rules for emergency decompression?

What are the recommended depth limits for scuba?

What are signs of a diver in distress?