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Learn to Dive at Long Island Scuba.

Certification Courses; PADI

Learn to Dive !
We offer high quality instruction in all levels of scuba certification.
We have our own inground heated pool & classroom on premise. The pool is clean & warm. In fact, we keep it at 90 degrees!
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We keep our classes small so you receive plenty of attention from your instructor. Our open water classes are kept to a maximum of 10 students. You will have 1 instructor throughout your entire training. This way you get to know them and they get to know you. Our pool is heated & clean. We are thorough and experienced in teaching all levels of certification.

The Open Water course is designed to teach you the basics of scuba diving. It is a certification that allows you to dive. The Open Water class consists of on line E-Learning class & in shop pool training . Our instructors will spend many hours training you to dive.

We'll teach you; the “rules” of safe diving, how to plan your dives, and how to use your equipment properly. You'll learn all the scuba skills & techniques required for you to become a certified diver! At Long Island Scuba your certification dives are included in the course. After completion of your course your instructor will have you demonstrate your skills on a the beach. This is usually conducted on a weekend where you complete 4 dives under your instructor’s supervision.
Many other dive centers charge an additional fee for these dives. We include them! If you choose to take your certification dives while on vacation we can provide you with a referral. Keep in mind that if you do your certification dives elsewhere you must make your arrangements and pay whatever fees they charge.

We offer this training in scheduled E-learning on line course &-or Private Lessons.

Scheduled Courses consists of 4 sessions of pool at Long Island Scuba & E-Learning home study for weekday evening classes or Saturdays. Included with the course is the logbook, and recreational dive planner.

E-learning consists of home study for the class work and pool training at our facility. For more information call 631 225-8450

We also offer Private lessons to fit your schedule. We can also set up a private course for your group!

Required Equipment: Each student needs to supply their own mask, fins, snorkel & boots. We will help you choose the proper gear that fits you and your budget. All the other scuba equipment will be provided for your pool sessions.
For Certification Dives each student must supply their own scuba equipment. We rent most items required.

Price Structure:
Scheduled Course is $350.receive a 30% discount for mask, fins, snorkel and boots if purchased thru Long Island Scuba
( This price includes the Logbook, Recreational Dive planner. There is also a $179.00 fee for the E-Learning home study program.

Private Lessons: contact us.

Continuing Education: Beyond the Open water certification we offer training in Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Divemaster, CPR /First Aid, and over a dozen specialties such as navigation, deep, wreck, Nitrox, underwater photography, underwater video and more.

For more information on our continuing education programs see the specialty programs & course descriptions on the Training page

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