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Filling Out The PADI Student Record File

On the page that says, PADI Student Record File across top Student Profile
Fill out all the information on your Student Profile and Emergency Contact info. Also fill out the section on the right side about interests, diving experience etc. This information is confidential. Only we will have access to it. If you have an email address please put it down where indicated (blue form) If you have yellow form just write it somewhere in student profile area.

Then open the form and read and fill out with your name and signature where indicated, the PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding.

Under that section is the Liability Release and Assumption of Risk.
Please read carefully and fill in all the blanks. Leave instructors name blank until class starts., The diveshop,(Long Island Scuba, Lindenhurst, NY) Your name,Instructors aname leave blank again, and Long Island Scuba again.
Then sign and date at the bottom.

The next page has the Medical Statement.
On top of page Again please read carefully before filling out .

Then read and fill out Medical History.
Fill out the word, "Yes" or "No" to each medical question.
You must WRITE the word "YES" or "NO"
If you answer "Yes" to any of the medical questions you MUST obtain a medical release from your doctor, before you can go into the pool on scuba.
Sign and date the bottom.

Across the right side is another section for you to fill out your name and phone # s. Please do so.

The last page is Student Record Of Training.
Put your name on top of folder Then just fill out your name address, birth date, phone #’s etc. on this side.

This folder has 3 forms on it and you must sign your name where indicated for each form. If you are a minor your legal guardian must sign all 3 forms as well.