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Regulator Service & Diagnostics


We have the finest service & diagnostic center on Long Island.




Regulators Purchased Through An Authorized Dealer Are $100.00

Regulators Purchased Through The Internet or Non- Authorized Dealers  Have No Warranty. Parts Are Not Included

$100.00 plus $75.00 for Parts. $175.00 Total



Ralph has been servicing regulators for over 38 years and is experienced with almost every manufacturer. When you drop off your regulator for service, you can be assured that Ralph is the only technician that will work on it. All regulator service is done at our location. Our quality control is second to none. Bring your regulator in for its annual service now before corrosion sets in.



We service BOTH the Nassau County Police Dive Team & the Suffolk County Police Dive Team. We also service the equipment for numerous fire departments all over Long Island



Our equipment is the finest available. The only Regulator flowbench & diagnostic systems that can do more are owned by manufacturers.


  For the best regulator diagnostics and service, Long Island Scuba is your only choice.
  With our system we can test your regulator both electronically and manually.

We can even test your regulator at depth. Our system enables us to test regulators as deep as 30 Atmospheres! We test all regulators to 150 feet Depth of Sea Water which is over 5 atmospheres.


  Besides our Premier Regulator Service we also provide service on:


Tank valves & manifolds,

Nitrox & Oxygen cleaning of tanks, valves, & regulators,

Tank tumbling,

Drysuit repairs & service,

Tank Visual inspections (VIPs) for Air, Nitrox, & Oxygen,

Tank Hydrostatic tests.