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Long Island Scuba provide Equipment & Product Listings


Long Island Scuba offers training for beginning divers to technical certification and public safety scuba classes.
We are a training facility for PADI, SDI, TDI, & DAN


We stand behind our sales. We service what we sell. We know the products and dive. Anyone working at Long Island Scuba is not only a diver but a local diver with years of experience.

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We have our own inground heated pool & classroom on premise.The pool is clean & warm. In fact, we keep it at 90 degrees!

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Get used to the aspects of local diving and stand a chance to experience things for the better. As they take shape to revolve around your needs, the experience tends to be vital and remembered for a long time.

Long Island Scuba Rental Equipment

Understand the different kinds of equipment that are used for the process and proceed ahead to learn more about the same under expert supervision. So what are you waiting for? Come along and understand all that we are talking about.

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